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An Introduction to Eardley Financial Agency, LLC

Innovative Financial Solutions, Adapting With You

Welcome to Eardley Financial Agency, LLC, a distinguished financial planning and wealth management firm founded in 2018 by the seasoned financial advisor, Michael Eardley. With over two decades of experience, our firm excels in providing unique financial strategies tailored to each client’s unique aspirations. We believe in a personalized approach, understanding that effective financial planning is rooted in a deep comprehension of the individual’s goals and circumstances.

Our team, led by Michael, combines traditional wisdom with modern financial practices, ensuring a blend of reliable strategies and innovative solutions. At Eardley Financial Agency, we don’t just manage your finances; we build lasting relationships, adapting to your evolving life and financial landscape. We commit to being your trusted partners, dedicated to guiding you towards financial security and prosperity with unwavering support and expertise.

  • Personalization of Financial Strategies 95% 95%
  • Experience and Expertise 85% 85%
  • Client Relationships and Trust 90% 90%
  • Innovative and Adaptive Solutions 95% 95%
Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania

Company History

Where We Started and How We Developed

Penn State University Graduate


Michael Eardley begins his career as a financial advisor in Pittsburgh, PA, after graduating from Penn State University.

Richmond Virginia


Relocation to Richmond, VA, to run his own office.

Raymond James, Investment Banking Company

2010 - 2018

Collaboration with Raymond James in Altoona, PA.

Eardley Financial Agency, LLC

May 2018

Eardley Financial Agency, LLC is established, marking a new chapter in personalized financial services.


Why Choose Us

Empowering Your Success, Enhancing Your Future

Personalized Service

At Eardley Financial Agency, LLC, we don’t just offer financial services; we forge personal connections. Our approach is deeply rooted in the belief that every client is unique, with distinct financial aspirations and challenges. This understanding drives us to create customized financial strategies that are not just effective but also resonate with your individual journey. Our team dedicates time to know you, not just as a client but as a person, ensuring that our advice and solutions are as unique as you are.

Experienced Leadership

Under the experienced stewardship of Michael Eardley, our team stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the financial landscape. Michael’s two decades of industry experience, combined with a deep, intuitive understanding of the financial markets, equip our team to navigate even the most complex financial scenarios. This leadership is not just about experience; it’s about the ability to translate that experience into actionable, forward-thinking strategies for our clients.

Client-Centric Approach

Our philosophy is simple yet profound – the client comes first. Every decision we make, every strategy we devise, is with your financial goals and well-being at the forefront. We pride ourselves on being a client-centric firm, where your goals, dreams, and aspirations drive our actions. This approach ensures that we are not just advisors, but partners in your financial journey, committed to seeing you achieve and even surpass your goals.

Proven Success

Our track record is a testament to our effectiveness. In just five short years, Eardley Financial Agency, LLC, has achieved a remarkable doubling in growth, a clear indicator of our success in delivering results. This growth is not just a number; it’s a reflection of the trust our clients place in us and the success they have achieved through our partnership. It’s a success we wear as a badge of honor, symbolizing our commitment to excellence.

Accessibility and Commitment

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients, embodied in our accessibility. Michael Eardley and our entire team are always within reach, ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. This level of accessibility is rare in the financial world and is a cornerstone of our commitment to you. Whether it’s a quick call to clarify a doubt or an in-depth discussion about your financial future, we are here for you, offering not just our expertise but our time and attention.

Michael Eardley

Michael Eardley

Michael Eardley

Founder / Lead Advisor

Michael’s journey in the financial world began at Penn State University, leading to a successful and fulfilling career. His philosophy revolves around a deep commitment to his clients, offering not just professional advice but a personal connection. As an avid golfer, camper, and family man, Michael brings a balanced and approachable perspective to financial planning.

  • Personal Interests and Balanced Approach 95% 95%
  • Educational Foundation 85% 85%
  • Professional Experience and Expertise 90% 90%
  • Client Commitment and Relationship Building 85% 85%


Addressing Your Financial Questions and Concerns

What services does Eardley Financial Agency, LLC offer?

Eardley Financial Agency, LLC is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of financial services, encompassing both financial planning and wealth management. Our services are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from retirement planning, investment management, to estate planning and risk assessment. We take pride in our ability to provide solutions that are not only effective but also tailor-made to suit the individual financial landscapes of our clients.

How does Michael Eardley approach financial advising?

Michael Eardley’s approach to financial advising is deeply rooted in the philosophy of building enduring personal relationships with clients. He believes that understanding a client’s financial aspirations and challenges on a personal level is key to effective advising. This approach ensures that the financial advice provided is not just technically sound but also intimately aligned with the client’s long-term goals and values.

Can I meet with Michael directly?

Yes, absolutely! Michael Eardley places great importance on being personally accessible to his clients. He offers one-on-one consultations and maintains an open-door policy, going as far as sharing his personal cell phone number with clients. This level of accessibility is a testament to his commitment to being directly involved in your financial journey.

What makes Eardley Financial Agency, LLC different from other firms?

Eardley Financial Agency, LLC stands out from other firms due to our unwavering commitment to a client-centric approach, bespoke services, and the experienced leadership of Michael Eardley. We believe in going beyond traditional financial advising by focusing on building relationships, understanding each client’s unique situation, and providing tailored solutions that reflect their individual goals and circumstances.

How has the company grown since its inception?

Since its inception in 2018, Eardley Financial Agency, LLC has seen remarkable growth, effectively doubling in size within just five years. This growth is a reflection of our success in building trust with our clients, our ability to deliver on our promises, and our commitment to providing outstanding financial advice and services.

Does the company support family-oriented financial planning?

Yes, indeed. Eardley Financial Agency, LLC places a strong emphasis on family-oriented financial planning. This focus is deeply influenced by Michael’s personal values as a family man. We understand the importance of securing a financial future that caters not just to individual clients but also to their families, ensuring a legacy of financial stability and prosperity.

What are Michael's personal interests?

Outside of his professional life, Michael is an avid golfer and camper, and he cherishes spending quality time with his family. He often enjoys the company of his beloved golden doodle, Maggie, whether at home or in the office. These interests not only bring balance to his life but also add to his approachability and understanding as a financial advisor.

How does faith influence the company?

Faith plays a significant role in both Michael’s personal life and the ethos of Eardley Financial Agency, LLC. Michael attributes his success and the success of the company to his faith in Jesus Christ. This faith shapes the company’s values, guiding principles, and approach to service, instilling a sense of integrity, compassion, and commitment in all our endeavors.